Boo Radley Book Reviews: An Introduction

Books are a part of our life. We started reading aloud with our two kids before they were probably ready to enjoy the stories we wanted to read with them. We soon fell into a nightly rhythm of reading aloud as a family that lasted for nearly a decade. We rarely missed an evening and more often than not, stayed up too late reading “just one more chapter.” We read aloud or listened to nearly 100 books in the course of our childrens’ childhood. Our oldest was sixteen when we read our last story together, Gary Schmidt’s Okay for Now.

We never really read to our kids. We read with them, all of us gathered in the living room or crammed into the van enjoying whatever story we had discovered. It was a shared experience, an experience that regularly weaves itself into conversations and our collective memory as a family. All of us talk fondly of the days we read together and of the books that carried us through whatever season we happened to be passing through. We read alone as well of course and all told we have enjoyed hundreds of stories and have found that our favorite books are often those classified as youth fiction.

Boo Radley is a character from a book we all would say is one of our favorites, To Kill a Mockingbird. While not youth fiction, the name creates a catchy title for a blog about good books. Boo in child like faith kept a protective eye on Jem, Scout and Dil as they enjoyed youthful adventures on the streets of Maycomb. Our hope is that Boo Radley Book Reviews will be a blog that can guide you toward good books for you and for your family, books that nurture goodness, truth and beauty. We will mostly review and recommend books that are classified as youth fiction. We’ve found them to bring to life deeply rich stories without the baggage of teenage and adult themes that so often crop up in young adult novels. We were blessed with the so many good recommendations from friends and we want to do the same for you.

And who are we you may ask? To be precise we are Aaron, Consuelo, Malachi and Sonora Myers. Aaron was an English teacher but now works in full time Christian ministry. Consuelo was an ESL teacher and then homeschooled both kids up through high school. She is also an all around creative, making music, art, poetry and beauty where ever she goes. Malachi and Sonora are our two kids who are blooming into young adults and lives of their own. We’ll all take turns writing and sharing our thoughts about the books we’ve read and are reading.

As we recommend books, we’ll also use affiliate links. If you should choose to click on a link and buy a book, we’ll receive a small commission. It won’t change the price for you, but it will earn us a bit of passive income. Just another small way to help us cobble together a little extra income as we journey through life.

Thank you for reading. We hope we will be able to help you find good books for you and your family that will enrich your lives as much as these stories have enriched ours.

Be blessed and happy reading!

Written by Aaron Myers